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I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I have several goals in creating this blog. The most important one is to facilitate information to those whom I serve. Since I am currently working mostly with adolescents and their families much of my material will be focused on their concerns. I constantly run into useful information that has to do with these populations and I would like to make it available to my community.  A secondary goal is to propagate the principles of existential and cognitive behavioral psychology. Over the past few years I have found myself increasingly attracted to these schools of thought and I believe that the rapidly maturing principles and techniques offered by them can be useful in a wide variety of settings. I love professional development and I read and attend training opportunities whenever I can. I am interested in the work of the following:

  • Albert Ellis
  • Aaron Beck
  • Martin Seligman
  • Dan Allender
  • IrvingYalom
  • John Gottman



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